Anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm an extrovert (specifically ENTP) and I wanted to know how to go about interacting with introverts. I'm just a friendly person and I don't like to exclude people but I feel like I'm maybe going over the top to get an introvert to speak/get involved.

introvertedproblems answered:

You’re awesome! Sorry I’m responding to this so late!!

I hope I can answer your question correctly—just know that each person is different, and will react and respond differently than others.

For me personally, I actually like when people come over and talk to me. I actually rely on that, because if I’m not explicitly invited to interact, I feel self-conscious and unwanted. But again that’s just me—I can’t speak for everyone.

Just know that a lot of us thrive on listening rather than talking, so if you’re talking to an introvert and they don’t verbally respond much, don’t take that as rejection. When we have something we feel is important or funny or relevant to say, we’ll say it—but give us room to. Listen when we talk, because often it’s carefully thought out and important to us. For lack of a better way to put it, we’re feeling you out. We want to know how our ideas are going to be accepted and processed, because they’re important to us.

So try to find a balance—give us room and attention when we feel we can/need to say something, but don’t put pressure on us. We shut down easily sometimes. Most of the time we like listening to you extroverts talk! It gives us something to think about and process internally.

And once we feel a little more comfortable and accepted with you, we’ll open up a lot more.

Hope that helps! Anyone else have any ideas?